Infamous Performance was founded in order to provide its customers with the absolute best work and customer service. Staying current and consistent with your vehicles maintenance is very important. The regular scheduled maintenance that the manufacturer suggests help keep your vehicle reliable and improve longevity. Infamous Performance offers a dealership alternative to maintenance at a much more substantial labor rate. Our trained technicians offer the highest level of work and customer support.

The entire staff is passionate about performance vehicles and forward progression of modifying vehicles. Our experienced technicians are capable of installing everything from bolt on parts to complete turbo kits. There is no job too big or too small that our staff cannot accomplish.

Whether you are looking upgrade your engine for increased performance and reliability, or want require engine maintenance, Infamous Performance offers quality service for it all. All of our engine services are performed with the highest quality of workmanship and components used.

Infamous Performance offers In-House Dyno services using a 4WD Mustang Dynometer. These services range from baseline dyno pulls all the way to our In-House Custom Tuning.

For any information regarding the services that are offered or scheduling an appointment please give us a call or send an email.